Las Gallas

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Art & Action, PIF: Best of the Week
Arts & Culture, Business, Community, Education, Music
April 3, 2012
By johnraheja
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Meet Magda Martinez, Julia Lopez and Michelle Ortiz of Las Gallas, a Philadelphia-based multi-disciplinary arts collective. They stretch the boundaries of arts collaborations by involving new ways of creating through workshops and mutual interactions. They gather to share stories, inspire dialogue and debate around ideas of family, traditions, religion, education and gender roles.  Las Gallas are a crew of skillful mañiaticas in search of a project, they roam fields and ethnic enclaves looking for kernels of truth and the occasional idea. Armed with brushes, pens, canvas, paper, film and feet they pave their way….
Produced by Art & Action: Portraits of Philadelphia based Artists and Activists
A project of Termite TV Collective
Production Team: Michael Kuetemeyer & Anula Shetty


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