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Love Philly Food
Arts & Culture
December 29, 2012
By ReedsVanvalkenbur423
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Franciszek Gardyasz, along with his family, came to the United States from Poland in the late 1960s, and he brought with him his authentic sausage recipes and butchery skills. Franciszek, along with his son Zenon Gardyasz, originated Krakus Market, beginning with a select few kielbasa recipes. The small variety slowly began to expand, as the fresh smoked kielbasa and mouth-watering hams began to attract local residents.

Today Krakus Market is the largest Polish supermarket in the northeast of USA. Keeping Franciszek’s authentic recipes alive, Krakus Market’s deli section offers over 10 different types of home made smoked kielbasa, as well as juicy smoked hams, and countless other Polish delicacies.

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