Now tasting success, Cookie Entrepreneur Looks to Expand His “dough count”

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Center City East
June 1, 2013
By Joy in Motion Productions
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 Now tasting success, Cookie Entrepreneur looks to expand his “dough count”

 Philly’s “Foodie Founders” finds Just Cookies to be Just Amazing

6.1.13: Philadelphia– (Business/Entrepreneurship): Expanding your business in this economy can be a challenge. However the task of scaling your venture is much easier when you’re selling a product everyone wants, like cookies for example. In Philadelphia, while Insomnia cookies are all the rage — particularly among Millennials — entrepreneur Jason Mercado is on the rise and hoping to grab some of the cities market share with his company Just Cookies. A former member of the Occupy Philly movement, Mercado joined the Knight Foundation’s ground-breaking B.M.e initiative this year and even submitted a proposal for a chance of receiving one of twenty Community Impact grants that were distributed to twenty ordinary men doing extraordinary works in Philadelphia. Unsuccessful in obtaining a grant this year, Mercado however appeared at the 2013 BME Leadership Awards and bought cookies for everyone… (Read More)


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Center City East

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