The Racial Inequalities of Stop-and-Frisk

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White on White Crime Does Exist, Will it Be Included in Stop-And-Frisk?

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South Philadelphia
August 18, 2013
By Flood the Drummer


The Racial Inequalities of Stop-and-Frisk

White on White Crime Does Exist, Will it Be Included in Stop-And-Frisk?



By Christopher “Flood the Drummer”® Norris


8.18.13: National – (Politics/Activism): Remembering the Aurora and Newton Tragedy as I listen to both sides of the debate regarding stop-and-frisk, I began to ponder when, if ever, will a national profile exist for white people who commit crimes against humanity, or even homicides for that matter.

In the United States, a White person is almost six times more likely to be killed by another White person than by a Black person, according to FBI homicide data. In 2011, there were more cases of Whites killing Whites than there were Blacks killing Blacks.

According to reporter Stanley Scott, “White on white crime is destroying the very fabric of our nation and producing an entire class of white career criminals.”

Never discussing the growing murder rate among whites, New York City Police Commissioner Ray Kelly this morning on Meet the Press  made the case for the city’s controversial and racist stop and frisk policy, saying:

“We need some balance here. The stark reality is that violence is happening disproportionately in minority communities, unfortunately in big cities throughout America.”

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NAACP President and CEO Ben Jealous also appeared on the show and questioned Kelly’s ability to do his job with honor, stating “we just heard a man who aspires to be the head of the Department of Homeland Security say his officers have to violate the U.S Constitution to make us safer.”

Jealous added:

“The fall in homicides happened prior to 2002 and the increase in stop-and-frisk happened after 2002, so there’s no relationship between these two. We are now at a point where you have more stop-and-frisk of young black men in New York City than there are young black men in New York City.”

Jealous said that the officers conducting the stop-and-frisks are not listening to the communities when they say “this is driving a wedge, this is making us less safe, it’s making our kids not just fear the robbers but the cops.”

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In the year 2011, under  Mayor Bloomberg’s administration – again the same year where there were more reported cases of white on white crime than black on black crime – an estimated 680,000 stop-and-frisks were conducted; 90% of those stopped were people of color; 90% were innocent and  99.9% didn’t have a gun.

Appearing on today’s episode along with Benjamin Jealous was Attorney for the Martin family Benjamin Crump and Trayvon Martin’s mother Sybrina Fulton.

Crump questioned “how can the community save its children once you give the police and neighborhood watch authority to profile the innocent with no reasonable suspicion other than the color of their skin?”

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“Trayvon Martin was profiled for something that night on February 25th, 2012 and he had broken no law, he was just walking home,” says Crump.

“You can’t give people the right to stop people because of the color of their skin,” says Fulton, who’s visiting all twenty-one (21) states with Stand Your Ground Laws and lobbying lawmakers to add a “Trayvon Martin amendment.”

Closing out the program, Jealous said at the end of the day this is not about race, this is about freedom, it’s about “people in this country being able to walk out the door and not fear the cops when they’re not doing anything wrong.”

In my opinion, as a young black male and a journalist, either stop-and-frisk should be taken off the books – in New York City, Philadelphia and other cities currently running the program – or communities will have to take a stand and demand fair distribution of the law, requesting police conduct equal, if not more, stop-and-frisk in suburban neighborhoods, among white people.


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