Entrepreneurs Lobby for a More Open Philadelphia

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2013 BMe Leader Christopher “Flood the Drummer®” Norris and Philly Roots Fellow Isaiah Thomas, Partner to Launch Share Philly, an Initiative to Collect Stories from Active Citizens Who’ve Leveraged Place for Impact.

Center City East
October 28, 2013
By Flood the Drummer



BMe Brothers Isaiah Thomas and Anton Moore discuss ways to make Philadelphia better during an exclusive conversation last Saturday in South Philly. (Photo Credit: C. Norris – ©2013)

BMe Brothers Isaiah Thomas and Anton Moore discuss ways to make Philadelphia better during an exclusive conversation last Saturday in South Philly. READ: The Politics of Place-Making in Philadelphia. (Photo Credit: C. Norris – ©2013)

By Arthur L. Griffin Jr.,


10.27.13: Philadelphia – (Entrepreneurship/Activism): In an effort to influence policy and shape the public will in support of a more open Philadelphia, B.O.L.D™ members Christopher “Flood the Drummer®”, an award-winning journalist, and Philly Roots Fellow Isaiah Thomas, the youngest democratic City Council candidate in Philly’s history, announced today they’re collaborating to produce Share Philly, a large-scale initiative to collect stories from active citizens who’ve leveraged place for impact.


With a goal of democratizing the city’s parks and recreations applications and usage policies, and providing a platform for community leaders to expand their hyper-local programs through storytelling, both Norris and Thomas say they are dedicated to assisting genuine tax-payers who wish to maximize under-utilized facilities in their neighborhoods for social impact programs.


“As I continue to advocate for the children of the nation’s fifth largest city, Share Philly is a project that I’m really passionate about as it illuminates the disconnect between city resources and communities. Share Philly will convene community leaders around the idea of access to city resources in order to scale social impact programs. Giving a voice to the city’s most active citizens, I believe Techbook Online Corporation, based on their extensive body of work, is the perfect news organization to partner with in order to publish and share these unique and dynamic stories,” says Thomas, CEO, Mature Cradle, Inc


“Isaiah Thomas is not only one of the hardest working men in Philadelphia, but he’s one of the most compassionate. His dedication to the development of this project speaks highly to his interest in assuring communities have access to opportunities, and that leaders have support from the city.  As an Edutainer, and someone who sees the value in leveraging place for impact, I am proud to partner with Mature Cradle, Inc, to better serve the citizens of Philadelphia, while streamlining Techbook Online’s content gathering process and accelerating our reader acquisition strategy,” says Norris, CEO, Techbook Online, Inc.


Both Norris and Thomas formally announced their collaboration Saturday afternoon while appearing LIVE on The Dr. Vibe Show™, 2012 Black Weblog Award Winner for Best International Blog.


About the Author: Co-Chair of the Board of Directors, Arthur L. Griffin Jr. is the President of New Business Development and Texas Operations, Techbook Online Corporation®.

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