Black Man Wrongfully Accused, Handcuffed, While Waiting for Amtrak Train

Black in the Day™ In route from Harrisburg to Philadelphia, Rising Sons CEO Alex Peay was the victim of Stop, Question & Frisk.

Alex Peay


“I feel like no matter what we do as black men, no matter how hard we work to become something great, we’re immediately considered ‘the guy who did it’ by police, always! This just goes to show again how much un-balanced power cops have over people, and nothing is being done about it!”


By Christopher “Flood the Drummer®” Norris


11.7.13: Philadelphia – (Politics/Activism): A Philadelphia man who two months ago co-sponsored a basketball tournament fundraiser for a black teen wrongfully accused of attempted murder, was recently detained and handcuffed by Harrisburg police while waiting for an Amtrak train last weekend, he too was wrongfully accused.

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Award-winning nonprofit leader Alex Peay, one of only three men in the nation’s fifth largest city to be recognized as both a 2012 BMe Leader and 2013 Philly Roots Fellow, was attempting to purchase snacks for his return trip home when a man, who Peay says seemed mentally-ill or “high off something,” began harassing him in the store.

“Out of nowhere he just started yelling. He screamed, GET AWAY FROM ME OR I’M CALLING THE COPS,” Peay recalls.

Feeling uneasy, and seeing the store employees tremble nervously, Peay says he quickly paid for his junk food and made a fast dart towards the train platform.

“I thought it was over when I left the store, I felt like I escaped a potentially dangerous situation,” says Peay, CEO, Rising Sons, a Philly-based nonprofit organization dedicated to empowering unprivileged youth through personal and professional development.

Speaking exclusively to Techbook Online about his frightening encounter, the 26-year-old frequent Amtrak rider says while sitting on the bench awaiting the train’s arrival with his laptop out doing some work, he noticed a group of cops walking swiftly his direction. Not thinking anything of it until he saw the same crazed man pointing his direction screaming, “That’s him, that’s the guy who was harassing me,” Peay tells me he braced himself for the worst.

Sharing with me a time when he living in Brooklyn at 17 years-old, and was wrongfully accused of second-degree assault on a bystander, Peay divulges that he’s distrustful of police and has been since that incident.

“Lately, I was beginning to think all cops aren’t the same, and then this happens to me again!”

Peay remembers four cops – three White and one Latino – surrounding him, and within seconds, he says he was handcuffed and being held for questioning.

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“I feel like no matter what we do as black men, no matter how hard we work to become something great, we’re immediately considered ‘the guy who did it’ by police, always! This just goes to show again how much un-balanced power cops have over people, and nothing is being done about it!”

Peay says he’s not planning on calling Jesse Jackson or The Reverend Al Sharpton, nor is he organizing a march for justice, instead, the North Philly resident plans to engage the system with even more intent, and encourage others in his city and country to vote against laws that allow people to be stopped, questioned, frisked and in recent cases murdered, just because they “fit the description.”

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“Police enforce the law, politicians make the law, and we vote for politicians,” states Peay. “We have to really watch and research the people we elect, and fully understand what our rights as taxpayers and U.S. citizens are.”


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  • Ari Merretazon

    Our individual civil rights are what got us into this social nightmare, and our collective human rights are our only way out. This is a clarion call, if it happened to our our dear brother Alex Peay, anyone of us may be next, next, next, ad infinitum… You can count on it! This problem must be dealt with at the root. #reparationsinourlifetime