Communities Enraged After Black Boy Sexually Assaulted During Stop-and-Frisk

ACTv PHL™ Convened by Techbook Online and hosted by Catalyst for Change Ministries, communities to gather for emergency town hall upon learning of a 16 year-old Philadelphia boy severally injured by police during stop-and-frisk.

Outraged Communities


Communities Outraged by 16 year-old Boy Injured by Police Announce Emergency Town for This Tuesday, January 21st at 7:30pm, at Catalyst for Change Ministries, 3727 Baring St. (Photo Credit: C. Norris – ©2014)

Communities Outraged by 16 year-old Boy Injured by Police Announce Emergency Town Hall for This Tuesday, January 21st at 7:30pm, at Catalyst for Change Ministries, 3727 Baring St. (Photo Credit: C. Norris – ©2014)


1.15.14: Philadelphia – (Crime/Politics): An emergency town hall meeting allowing communities to address the case of a 16 year-old Philadelphia boy who had to have emergency surgery on his genitals after being stopped-and-frisked by a group of white police officers has been announced for Tuesday, January 21st at 7:30pm at Catalyst for Change Ministries, 3727 Baring St.

Convened by Techbook Online, a Philly-based news organization currently running a campaign to improve media coverage and public perceptions of African-American men and boys, the evening gathering sparked from outrage is intended to address the growing pattern of police misconduct, racial profiling and brutality by the hands of law enforcement officers in the nation’s fifth largest city and beyond.

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“We need to pay close attention to what is happening with our kids when they are interacting with police,” warns Reverend Damon Jones, Pastor, Bible Way Baptist Church. A former chaplain at the only secure youth detention facility in Philadelphia, Jones, who said he had a conversation with Darrin Manning soon after the controversial encounter took place at Broad & Girard, says he has experience in identifying troubled youth, and Manning isn’t one of them; adding the star basketball player is a straight A student who went to school the day after the surgery to complete a test, because “that’s what straight-A students do.”


On one of the coldest days on record in the city of brotherly love, Manning, his coach and teammates – with their faces covered with scarves – exited the Girard Ave subway station attempting to go to the Berean Institute at 19th & Girard for basketball practice.  Veronica Joyner, Principal/Founder, Mathematics, Civics and Charter School – and the woman who admittedly gave the young men the scarves to keep warm – notes that the team Manning and the boys play for ranks 16th in the nation, “the only team with that high of a rank without a gym,” she points out; adding the “students are forced to take a train, a trolley and walk several blocks to practice.”

Joyner says within 15 minutes of sending the boys out into the cold, bundled up, she received a call that one of her students was being arrested. Police said they felt justified to stop them because their faces were covered.

Joyner confirmed that all the officers involved were white. She feels strongly that “he was sexually abused and sexually assaulted.”  Doctors are paying close attention to Manning, a budding law student, as this injury may leave him unable to bear children.  Barely able to speak the graphic details, Joyner informs the public that Manning had to have the vein that enables sperm to travel to the penis reconstructed.

(Photo Credit: C. Norris – ©2014)

(Photo Credit: C. Norris – ©2014)

“She squeezed it so hard he heard something pop,” recounts Joyner, who endorses Jones’ description of Manning, stating:  “He’s an honor roll student, excellent behavior, no discipline problems; just a great kid.”

Despite being the one to who ended up in Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, Manning is facing charges of aggravated assault and resisting arrest.

Activist Asa Khalif, Founder, Racial Unity USA, is a black father heartbroken by this story. A confirmed speaker for next week’s town hall, Khalif is giving strong thoughts to moving out of the country in order to raise his son. Talking exclusively to Techbook Online, Khalif remarks that he has a disdain for white privilege, adding: “I resent white privilege when it concerns their children, because they don’t have to have this talk about police with their sons. We have gotten to the point in society now where we as black men have to put our difference aside and start stepping up to protect our families. The hatred toward us – to our children – is so great that it out weights our differences.”

(Photo Credit: C. Norris – ©2014)

(Photo Credit: C. Norris – ©2014)

Jones, who notes this is typical of what happens to African-Americans when they have conflict with police, says he would like to “see this kid exonerated and at the very least, a reprimand for these officers; at the most, some kind of charges filed.”

Speaking truth to power, Joyner firmly states: “animals have laws to protect them, but our black boys have nothing to protect them!”




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  • Ari Merretazon

    The STOP AND FRISK terror is never brought before the UN. This is part of the conspiracy. This old, tricky blue eyed liberal who is supposed to be your and my friend, supposed to be in our corner, supposed to be subsidizing our struggle, and supposed to be acting in the capacity of an adviser, never tells you anything about human rights.

    They keep you wrapped up in civil rights with individual abuses. And you spend so much time barking up the civil-rights tree again, and again, and again, until the next abuse of human rights. What is so disturbing is you don’t even act like you know these are human rights violations!”

  • ShinjisSecret

    Cops are nothing but Nazis and perverts. Add to the mix that many white men are obsessed with the genitals of non whites. A bunch of sickos.

    • Joe Bluestate

      Non-white men are not obsessed with anything non-white, except maybe over the top levels of crime.

      • Joe Bluestate

        Hmm. Should have read “White men are not obsessed with anything non-white, except maybe over the top levels of crime.” lol. And sometimes jazz, which is pretty cool. But not gangsta rap. Have a nice day :)

    • ThatGuy

      Really? Not a person alive with half a brain believes this drivel. Just another excuse for losers to ditch responsibility for their own failures.

      • Gary R Boodhoo

        How I long for the day when people like you are held accountable for your hatred and cruelty

        • ThatGuy

          “Cops are nothing but Nazis and perverts.” This is a simply ignorant statement. It’s no different than saying, “blacks are nothing but gangbangers and rapists.” Anyone that can’t see that has their head up their ass.

          • kirbang

            but that is what you are implying by your gross generalizations. Racist

          • ThatGuy

            Of course. Everyone that disagrees with a black person in any way or for any reason is a “racist.” That’s common knowledge.

          • kirbang

            But that is not the case, black people are subject to scrutiny you are not. To deny that is ignorance or racism. Choose you camp.

          • ThatGuy

            Clearly you have people divided into convenient groups. Is treating people according to their individual merit too much work for you? Or maybe it just doesn’t fit your one-race-fits-all mentality? You’re the racist here.

            BTW: Are black cops nazis and perverts too, or just the white ones?

          • kirbang

            Of course black people are capable and guilty, but most often white (by a great percentage) people are not the victim, My observation are grounded in the real world. And thank the lucky sperm I am not black.

          • ThatGuy

            You might want to check your source of information. The majority of violence inflicted on blacks are at the hand of other blacks. But hey, if ignoring the numbers makes you feel better, go for it. You’re only fooling yourself though.

            Enjoy your white hate fest.

          • kirbang

            of course conflation is the stock and trade This is about white police abusing their power. And a black man is the victim.

          • Iceman1958

            And the majority of violence inflicted on Whites is by other Whites. Do you have a point?

          • ThatGuy

            The “point” was in reference to the suggestion that blacks are somehow victimized by whites. If you can’t keep up with the conversation, best not try to jump in.

          • IronMike88

            When most of your crimes are committed by 20% of population that should explain why cops act the way they do !! All blacks are falsely incarcerated by the whites , everything is whiteys fault ! That’s enough , facts don’t lie ! You got come up with a better story ! If all men woman are equal , then why do we allow for blacks of lesser skill or drive to receive affirmative action policy’s ! If we are equal why is the welfare system and prison system overwhelmed with blacks , I can go on all night ! I am Cuban /German / Honduran , grand mother Brown Indian , father white Cuban ! Mother German / Honduran ! Grandfather looked up in Central America for being German (dentist) all reunited legally in Hell’s Kitchen NYC 1945/46 ! No English , grandfather not allowed to practice dentistry , grand am small brown lady learn English all children prospered ! So if a mix like that can make why can’t blacks who are equal to all men? Maybe a culture who praises drug dealers and ridicules education and hard work would fall under that groups! B4 u begin to make all types of excuses nobody is holding anyone back ,

          • IronMike88

            You are making up crime stats !! Go on dept of justice web site ! It will show a unbalanced number if black on White violence ! Listen, I will post those statistics everyday if I have to ! Whites are robbed raped murdered in every state and city by a population of blacks that make up twenty percent of population ! I remember the the group of Historical giants / 5% ers preacher a history of the word that made me laugh at 6-7 years old ! Later I realized that at 6/7 yrs old I had read 12 more books then all of them put together!take responsibility for ur selves keep your hands out of whites pockets

        • tikitools1

          and when has that ever happened in the last 10,000 years?

      • kirbang


  • JusBeinReal

    WHITEY BAD!!@!@!@!!! Get real. “White privilege” = black excuse.

    • JA-GO


    • Zhushika

      Did you even READ the article JustbeinReal?..(and no you aren’t btw)..They FRISKED him so hard that he needed to have surgery to repair his ballsack. How’s that for a black excuse? They treated him so harshly that the vein that connects semen to his penis got torn and needed to be reattached. He may never be able to have kids…all because he was wearing a scarf on a cold day in Philly. Now…imagine that kid is YOU! Feel all warm and cozy about that “white privilege excuse” now?

    • anthony nicholson

      you’re Jus being really fake. hiding behind a troll profile ….


    • Victor P. Muhammad

      God is going to DEAL with them and the wickedness that has permiated this country for hundreds of years. Watch the weather

      • beenwiser

        Don’t hold your breath for divine intervention. God sat out the holocaust- he is not gonna do anything about this either.

        • Victor P. Muhammad

          God is exacting JUSTICE for HIS people, The Black Man and Woman of America. Watch the weather! “And he said unto Abram, Know of a surety that thy seed shall be a stranger in a land that is not theirs, and shall serve them; and they shall afflict them four hundred years; 14 and also that nation, whom they shall serve, will I judge: and afterward shall they come out with great substance.” Genesis 15

          • Gary R Boodhoo


      • Basil Malik

        brother Victor while I agree with you I humbly submit we are past the point of relying on God to handle our grievances, This is how they subdued the indians, the slaves and have us as a people in perpetual submission to the evil and hatred inflicted on us, While I wait for Gods hand, my son may be the next victim.

        • Victor P. Muhammad

          Brother WE battle on the ground. We WORK and WAKE UP, and UPLIFT and SERVE our people. But ALLAH’S JUSTICE will be conducted by him using HIS weapons, RAIN, HAIL, SNOW, EARTHQUAKES. HE will DESTROY the God of This World as we help usher in the incoming Kingdom of God

  • Zhushika

    OUTRAGEOUS BEHAVIOR on the part of the police and yet there’s a QUESTION as to whether they will be charged. The kid end’s up in a hospital and needed surgery which may render him sterile for life yet he goes to school the next day to take a test..(which shows HIS character) and yet HE’s being charged for resisting arrest and aggravated assault? Maybe, just maybe he was pissed for being hassled for just trying to stay warm by doing something other people worldwide do daily: i.e. walking down the street while WEARING A SCARF. Or maybe he resented being treated like a criminal AND a piece of meat. I hope they fire these ahole cops and sue the hell out of them. This abuse needs to stop. True Americans will not tolerate RACISM in America!

    • SISTA X

      we as black people will never get justice. we get just -dis. .When fix the 13, 14, and 15 to constitution we as black people will stop have racial profile. right here in a AMERIKKKKA.

      • rick

        Trust me, I am a white older male, middle-class, but I am totally and completely disgusted by the police state which America has become. If any segment of our population is not protected, then NONE of us are. Where is the Justice Dept.? Where is Obama speaking out against these Constitutional outrages? My heart breaks when I think what it must be like for these young Black men. We fought a World War to end Nazi police states…and…what for???

  • Lantoro

    To apprehend a teenage boy doing nothing wrong, and squeeze his genltals so freaking hard that he needs emergency surgery??!! how does that even happen? That cop who did that, did it for one reason: because they WANTED to. Sick. And yeah the whole stop and frisk approach is as racist as it gets. It’s clear who gets stopped and frisked, and who doesn’t: young males “existing while black” are the ones who get targeted.

  • Malik Aziz

    Let it be known that these police officers attend a police academy before they are allowed to patrol the streets of Philadelphia, and are taught police and community procedures, most of all, common sense should have played a role here, the cold weather, everybody outside that day, had their face covered, yes I must agree, profiling has raised it’s ugly head once again, on the streets of Philadelphia, and the victim this time, a promising young Black male, will never be the same again, due to a racist and sick police officer!

  • Grungyberns

    Please, community..please stop posting his pics. I know it is a time of shock for you and you may not be thinking this out, but for what little privacy you can afford this [child], please don’t post pics!

  • WMS

    Where is the Congressional Black Caucus? Has the President said anything about this; he was a Black Youth in America once?

    • Tanya Ford

      Queenbee I am a white woman with biracial children as many of us are and I don’t think you get it, it has nothing to do with black American men being with white women, or hispanics and whites whatever the race who cares, the problem is sick individuals putting their hands on children for no reason other than being sick in the f’ing head and yes White trash cops are Guilty of racial profiling but not all of them are sick individuals. Racial profiling and abuse of children sickens me and something needs to be done, to protect our youth of all ages and beliefs and color, and make sure they dont carry on the ignorance of skin color making the man. My prayers are with this child and his family. This is an outrage!

      • Regina

        dont waste your breath on “queen bee”..she is horribly racist and does not deserve your breath



    • roho

      he was also white in america but only half the time

  • Heather

    No one should have to endure this treatment! I don’t care who you are or if you are black, white, purple, green or any other color!! But, where would the media outrage be if this had been a white boy?

    • Devon DB

      If this had been a white person, it would have been all over the prime time news and everyone would be talking about how is was a travesty. The police would face serious criminal charges, the governor of Penn. would have made a statement, and everyone would know about it.

    • Gabriel Alan King


      • deedee

        Since it hasn’t happened to a white boy, I guess we will never know.Move along

        • Anon

          Actually, it does happen to our white boys & men. Just not as frequently as our black boys & men.

        • Reginald

          It happens to white people all of the time. Part of the barrier to real change is the fact that those who wish to oppress us know that we are to easily divided by race to affect any real real change. When it happens to white people, it doesn’t make the news because the masses of white people would realize the too are targets. If black and white folk think it’s a racial issue, there will always be division.

        • hd

          let me first say that this is indeed a tragedy and a horrible, disgusting act of abuse by the police. BUT, one thing that everyone on here seems to be completely oblivious to is that the media knows how to manipulate the public. Of course we only hear about the stereotypical race influenced crimes, because that’s what SELLS. you can’t claim to know that something like this has never happened to a white boy because you simply don’t know that.. just because you haven’t seen it on the media doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. the media lives for stories like this, because they know the article will get clicks, they’re making money off of this remember. racism sells. and that’s why it’s taking so long for it to die out.

      • Natalie

        What are you talking about??? Of course it would have made headlines. That’s if, it even would have happened in the first place which I highly doubt. In a major city like Philly or NYC, Black and Latino people are the prime targets. However, poor (economically poor) white people are the targets in areas where there are few to none people of color.

      • Troy Edwards-Finlayson

        “IT WOULDN’T HAVE EVEN MADE THE BACK PAGES OF THE NEWSPAPERS, AND NO ONE WOULD HAVE RALLIED A PROTEST”! The same guy telling us that its not a black and white issue posts this? I agree with your statement that police are tyrranical and out of control but like so many nay sayers of the black struggle in these issues, you only seem to want to acknowledge police brutality on the grounds that black people refrain from discussing problems that specifically effect them. Its an insult that you feel you could school black people on the state of the police, we have always known how insane they are and we have yelled from the roof tops, the problem is that working class whites have never sided with their black class allies even when these acts of injustice also effect them, infact that have sided with the state against people of colour on every conceivable level. The problem is that people like you have been happy to accept the narrative of black criminality and therefore accept police repression towards those communities as just cause. If you want to be a partner in the fight for justice then please do join us but do not attempt the co-opt the discussion or try to tell people of colour what is of vital to this issue as tho you were bestowing some information upon us that had some how alluded the black community all this time.

      • kirbang

        Primarily because it doesn’t happen the ‘white boys’

    • mostdefinitely

      what a great point. clearly white people suffer the brunt of police brutality. why aren’t we talking about WHITE PEOPLE more, HUH? It’s time to hear about white people’s lives, because it’s just a viewpoint that is never represented.

      • Natalie

        What the hell are you talking about?!? white people DO NOT suffer the brunt of police brutality. It has ALWAYS been people of color, particularly BLACK AND LATINO. BUT I will agree with you partially, that it is POOR WHITE PEOPLE that have more recently started to face police discrimination, particularly in areas where there are few to none people of color.

        • dragon847

          pretty sure mostdefinitely was being sarcastic

  • jamie

    These cops are getting outta hand an using their little badges as an excuse. It really saddens me to see all this i have a son thays 15 yrs old an i cant even imagine what i would do if a cop did him like that. GOD DOESNT LIKE UGLY…. GOD KNOWS ALL AN MY PRAYERS ARE WITH THIS CHILD AN HIS FAMILY.. HOPE THE OFFICERS PAY FOR WHAT THEY DID AN LOSE THEIR JOB ALSO

  • queenbee


    • Regina

      Jealous much? ;)


      why do you have

      such a hatred for white women. it screams out in your replies. lets not hate women of any color just because our men like the way they look.

  • queenbee


  • Michelle Washington

    always the victim yet they run around killing gays and other blks robbing white girls at night SMFH really the only time they raise up is when its racially motivated or based in hate

    • Dee

      Lady…. “they” are not 16 year old honor students. It makes absolutely no sense to judge an entire group of people just based on one common fact.

      This is like me saying…oh all you people who wear red shirts are such bastards. I get what you are saying but it is very short sighted and rather ignorant. Im sure you wouldn’t like to be discriminated and treated a specific way because of what someone else’s experiences were with other people with black hair…so why would you do the same based on skin tone…it is absolutely senseless.

      Look past the silliness and look at what happened to a MINOR…regardless of the color of his SKIN which he has NO control over.

      • Michelle Washington

        Your argument would make a lot more sense if the article was not titled black boy gets assaulted which was put their to get attention like this and why most of the blks came here including me if it said white child most blacks people would have ignored it or would not have as much to whine about lets be real about the situation its bigger than its a minor its not just him another child is getting abused right now but blks dont address those issues as i stated they only address issues concerning their own which is fucked up and im not looking at it as a color thing im looking at it as thats the only time black people decide to come together so b4 you go on a rant about how its a child lets talk about the last time black advocates walked for cancer or child abuse or something that was not connected to their own personal sorrows. everyone now is crying victim in the USA yet not a one of us will stick together for a bigger cause their are to many divisions among people for anyone to really care about ones personal issue.

        • Raphael Tran

          exactly. where was the outrage when this happenned in 2010? were there protestors asking for justice for the vietnamese children?

        • Dee

          Just because you don’t see it in the news doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen. I myself personally am a member of a BLACK fraternal organization amongst several others where we fight for ALL causes regardless of color lines.

          The big difference? The MEDIA will not cover these things as they do not sell papers. Anything that will foster an argument (such as this) or some discussion is what they want to see…not everyone holding hands around the fire.

          Just because you see the biggest offenders on TV with the most sensational stories all the time on the news doesn’t mean that’s the norm…that just means that what you are seeing is what NORMALLY grabs attention and sells papers / gets clicks. Do a bit of research, and you would be very surprised as to just how many causes “us blacks” fight for on a daily basis….

          • roho

            if you want to stop racism invite other races to join your fraternal organization (your black fraternal organization) and change the naacp to the naaap (national assocation for advancement of all people)

          • Dee

            Roho, there ARE many other races in my organization. We have many caucasians, people of Asian descent, and many other ethnic make-ups. The word black was used as illustrative purposes to the previous poster. The correct terms is predominantly and historically black. we have been integrated for quite some time now.

            I would love for you to do some research into my organization known as Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Incorporated. You will find that one of the late great Civil rights leaders of our generation, my brother, Martin Luther King Jr as well as a plethora of other civil rights greats was/are members.


          • Dee

            sir…did u not read what I said? OTHER RACES ARE IN MY ORGANIZATION. WE DO NOT RESTRICT BASED ON RACE.

        • Troy Edwards-Finlayson

          I like this, so black people have to be seen to acknowledge other peoples struggles to have the right to discuss problems that effect them because of the colour of their skin? And some how this as become an issue about how historically the most down trodden group in America wont take up other peoples fights?
          That’s like me complaining that woman don’t come out and fight for mens rights when every single day of a mans life he benefits off of the institutional repression of women! In such an instance it is not for women to justify themselves to their male counter parts about why they fight for womens rights, its either that men learn to acknowledge that fight for female self determination or get the hell out the way!
          I would argue that in this case the problem here isn’t that black people fail to care about others!
          Black people have always challenged issues that effect wider America and much of time blacks have had to fight that fight alone.
          As a people if we weren’t everyday having to deal with such incredible fetes of institutional injustice i.e. prison industrial complex, racist drug laws, self hate amongst our young black men and women, republican ideologies, tea partiers, Fox News, the worst schooling in the country, lowest mortality rate in the country, police murders and the nation wide support of regular non black civilians gunning down unarmed black kids and then being given assistance by law enforcement then we might have a little more time on our hands to extend our services to others.

          You maybe right on some level that there may not be a huge societal outcry if this was a white kid in a similar circumstance, but that lack of response would be across the board from even white people themselves, we understand that poor working class white people also get abused by law enforcement but because they have been conditioned to view this issue through the lense of race, much of the time they fail to see how this effects them aswell. As long as blacks can be viewed as the agency of vice white people rest assured will be willing to stand on the side of the state where peoples of colour are concerned, history shows this.
          Infact if this had happened to a white kid black people may not be in the streets rallying their support but you can be 100% sure if asked that they would see the injustice in this circumstance and that they wouldn’t be arguing that some how he deserved it, which is what people of colour have to contend with all the time.

          94% of black americas ancestry as been here since the conception of the united states vs only 6% of white ancestry but hundreds of years later only one of those two groups are still having to prove their Americaness. This entire country is built on the colour divide and because of this we do not have the luxury of seeing our suffering as part of a broader context of human injustice because its has been made quite clear that there is an America and a black America. Black people didn’t chose these labels society forced it upon them so please do not blame the victims for defining themselves through the labels forced upon them by a racist unequal system.

    • Christina

      you took the words out of my mouth. Yes it’s f’ed up and it will always be this way until we as a people stand up and love ourselves, and stick together to join a force and stop the ignorance. I love us!! We are strong, creative, and many races like to keep us down because of that, because they know one thing, if we stand up, and stand up the right way, Society is ours. #Standup

  • rayfay

    I agree with article but the quote “animals have laws to protect them, but our black boys have nothing to protect them!”is a straw man at best and just stupid at worst. People are not in cages right now being bludgeoned and slaughtered so we can eat them. Really only dogs and cats have laws to protect them and even those are poorly enforced. Let’s focus on the topic at hand.

  • Austin D. Williams

    People can be pushed only so much before the tables are turned… and violence is not the only weapons we have….

  • Gabriel Alan King

    This is not a “black people vs. white people” problem. It’s a tyrannical out of control “police vs. everyone” problem. Anyone who honestly studies police brutality and abuse knows that they target EVERYONE, regardless of race.

    The simple fact of the matter is, the Police in the USA are completely out of control and tyrannical, and so are the lawmakers. And the only laws they don’t enforce is the Bill of Rights.

    People need to collectively keep the pressure on until these treasonous bastards are removed and punished. They are no different than the British Red Coats of 1776.

    • Natalie


    • Fostjak

      Though there is defiantly a significant amount of racism and classism at play here in America(to forget this would be a dishonor to those who have died in the struggle against domestic tyranny. RIP Kelly Thomas), as a rule, I agree that we are all in this together.

    • kirbang

      Perhaps but stop and frisk doesn’t happen to white men.

    • LoveOneAnother

      I don’t entirely agree with you. There are good and bad cops. There are good and bad administrations. There are good and bad companies. Basically, one can never tell who will be good or bad by just looking at them. The problem with today’s police is the culture in their particular area. I hear too much of Philadelphia police in the news. It must be that they have a culture of brutally being acceptable and unaccountable, and thus use their authoritative positions to wield this power. However, one cannot blame every evil act on the streets to all cops. There are a great many law abiding, good, anti-racist officers out there who would rather die than hurt an innocent person. Just saying, that we need law enforcement in the good ole USA, but we also need to weed out the bad and bring a sense of trust back. If we have cops who respect the people, than the people will respect the cops.

    • LoveOneAnother

      I don’t entirely agree with you. There are good and bad cops. There are good and bad administrations. There are good and bad companies. Basically, one can never tell who will be good or bad by just looking at them. The problem with today’s police is the culture in their particular area. I hear too much of Philadelphia police in the news. It must be that they have a culture of brutally being acceptable and unaccountable, and thus use their authoritative positions to wield this power. However, one cannot blame every evil act on the streets to all cops. There are a great many law abiding, good, anti-racist officers out there who would rather die than hurt an innocent person. Just saying, that we need law enforcement in the good ole USA, but we also need to weed out the bad and bring a sense of trust back. If we have cops who respect the people, than the people will respect the cops.

  • styckx

    Funny that this race baiting article left out the fact manning openly admitted his teammates mouthed off to the cop and then admitted they ran from the cop when he approached. Any white male mouthing off to cops in Philly (or any city) then running will get chased down too. Who knows what happened after that but leave the race card in your wallet please it’s disgusting.. Get your news from a real source and not these biased sources that are never held accountable.

    • DHS2020

      Yes, if your friend mouths off to a cop, and you run from that, you deserve to have your testicles smashed. Is that the message?

      • OhSnapDJB

        Don’t pay any attention to this MORON. He’s yet another example of a RACIST PIECE OF SHIT who believes blacks have no rights and white people are all good and decent. White people are the biggest dirt bags of ANY race and ALL white people are the same: RACIST MOTHERFUCKERS………….PERIOD! I don’t care how many examples white people give as to why their not racist because it’s in their DNA. It’s how they were raised. Their parents taught it to them. NEVER EVER TRUST A WHITE PERSON!

        • DHS2020

          I’m white, and never lived with my parents, plus I live in a black Philly neighborhood and am an official on our community organization board.

          Don’t be too quick to generalize. I’d also argue that many whites and blacks are the same, socioeconomically, these days. Don’t become divided. We will need to work together.

          • OhSnapDJB

            I’m telling it like it is and will continue to do so. Just because u live in a so called “Black” neighborhood, doesn’t mean that u get a pass. If ur white, u CANNOT be trusted and that’s the way it is. The only people being hurtby stop and frisk is black people. Show me a story where some white kids are affected by this law. U cant! This is a law that is designed to “keep the niggers in check” and i promise that most white people are in full support of this law because they know it won’t happen to them.

          • Fostjak

            Kelly Thomas dude. Please show empathy towards all. It’s the only way we can overcome this.

          • Nickname of the Day

            Yet you are still capable of this ignorant comment (living in a black neighborhood w/o your white parents does not give you a free pass, let alone imply that you’re “one of the good ones”).

            You may be more on the level than most whitefolk, but check yourself before you tell us not to ~generalize~. Sit down and listen instead of whipping out your “credentials.”

          • DHS2020

            I’ve never lived with my parents was the statement. That was regarding the “they are taught to be racist” comment.

            As for where I live, that is a fact. I have a better understanding of people and culture that I didn’t have before. People fear the unknown, or mock it, etc., to make themselves feel better or for whatever reason.

            There was nothing ignorant about my comment. I am far from one of the “good ones”, as I believe humans, in general, need to step it up and come together.

            I believe problems are mostly socioeconomic, and we can berate the “criminals” all we want, but we aren’t addressing the systemic causes of this crime, things like poverty, for example. Not the only issue, but a major factor.

            This “us vs them” mentality is exactly the way to keep those in power, in power, with greater control over everyone, while we are infighting over the crumbs. It is quite sad.

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          • OhSnapDJB

            Is calling someone a “nigger” even an insult anymore? LMAO!

          • BLACK WOMAN

            snap and fu n should get together and smoke a joint, no maybe a few.

        • roho

          racist calling someone else racist and to use your own words (PERIOD)

    • Gary R Boodhoo

      oh ok. that justifies the police behavior then. thanks for clearing that up

  • patti harris

    Southern white woman here, raised in the 60′s, broke the barrier with segregation at an early age, and knew that it was WRONG at a very early age. Even the Bible preaches against this kind of prejudice. I hope the police who did this lose their badges, are dismissed and unable to EVER have ANY position of authority for the rest of their lives. Assault was bad enough, but they also committed SEXUAL ASSAULT & CHILD MOLESTATION. The law is very clear about this, and it calls a term approximately 2-25 years in prison if convicted. If charges aren’t pressed, GO TO THE PRESS, have demonstrations, and bring a civil lawsuit against the perpetrators. They should NOT get away with this. It’s SICK, SICK, SICK. No way around it. Galatians in the Bible says, “There is no Jew nor Gentile (race), slave nor free (class). male nor female (sexual discrimination) but ALL ARE ONE in Christ Jesus.” AMEN.

    • LoveOneAnother

      I am also white, and totally agree with you. I would go one step further, though, and make the perpetrator of this unspeakable act have to register as a sex offender. Why should anybody else (who would grab a child like that) have to register and not that bad cop?

      • BJ DH

        why do you have to clarify your race,and his like the “black boy”. Shouldn’t you be enraged that it happened to a boy period?

  • DHS2020

    These police are learning the methods of the IDF.

    America is the new Palestine.

  • baruchzed

    It is time to disband police departments and to aggressively prosecute police who abuse power. If this is not handled lawfully, it won’t be long before it is handled extra-judicially, and that will mean more violence. Every day I see at least one more report of police murdering or otherwise abusing people, usually people of color but not only, and it’s got to stop.

  • OhSnapDJB

    Fuck Philadelphia and New York and any city that has stop and frisk. Philadelphia is a shitty ass city with a shitty ass government and shitty ass cops. I can’t see how u black folks live in cities with that stupid ass unconstitutional law. Cops everywhere are corrupt and my advice to everyone is: NEVER EVER EVER TRUST NOR SPEAK TO ANY COP………..EVER! There’s no such thing as a ” good cop “. Any and every cop will lie on u to cover their own ass and they will all lie to protect other cops. Our government has failed the people and yinz are fools to live in a city where u can be racially profiled so easily. Good luck……..yinz (black folks) are gonna need it!

    • Frank Thomas

      Just so you know I use to live in a few white towns in North Jersey and let me tell you those cops took racial profiling to another level. Also being black in this country we have adapted to this treatment even though it is totally unacceptable. That’s why even minor things blow up and the media latches on and fuels the fire. Story of the week but it goes on everyday.

  • Lucious Powell

    1. “Freedom” isn’t free at all here in America where we live in a Police State, and, it never was ”free” for blacks. This is still very much a white Supremacist society & it is impossible for blacks to be seen as victims The notion that black criminality as a pathological constant and inherent truth is so deeply embedded in the consciousness and the on-the-book and off-the-book policies of the country, that empathy and sympathy for black pain is rare if it exist at all.

    I dare not even delve into the warped, twisted dynamics of how Americans view RAPE collectively where, a woman is always ”Asking for it” & ”Men Can’t be raped”!

  • Helen Gould Sanders

    The person who did this to him needs to be charged and placed on the sex offenders list. The parents need to bring a lawsuit. This is SO WRONG! And the officer is LUCKY it wasn’t MY KID. I would go berserk.

  • rlhndrsn

    I’m white and i hate every square inch of my color. i hear of this crap going on all across the country all the time. wow.. thought we left this shit behind 50 years ago. those philly cops just convinced me they and all cops are sexual perverts, liars, bullies, little man syndrome pieces of living organs of despiteful piles of shit. prayers to heal this young man and hope he can continue his life journey minus the hatred they just taught him. wow. just wow.

  • stop your bitching

    That kid probably deserved it since there always up to no good that’s all they do is commit crimes and end up dead or in prison I love it when they beat and kill each other then blame it on the white man haha. Don’t forget you are in our country if you don’t like it go the fuck back to Africa you dumb fucks we don’t want you here anyway

    • **facepalm**

      What makes me think you’re the same dumb sack of hammers that posted the previous 2 messages. History really isn’t your strength, is it? Nor is basic common sense. Hell, I’d guess you’re some prick kid sitting in his mom’s basement popping pimples because you don’t have anything better to do.

    • Frank Thomas

      Straight A student never in any trouble. Yea he fits your stereotype.

      • Regina

        talking about stereotyping, I see all kinds of comments stating that no white person should ever be trusted,they are all the same blah blah blah…THAT is stereotyping as well…It is very sad that this boy was bullied and physically hurt..he needs to press charges and compensated well

  • fuck you niggers

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    • Frank Thomas

      How is that 3rd grade education working out for you? Oh you just told us by your statement. Even white people dislike fools like you

      • Regina


  • fuck you niggers

    Niggggggggers go back you’re not welcome you stupid fucks

  • Stephanie Culp

    Idc if he was black or white, but you should NOT be legally allowed to stop and frisk someone without reason. YEAH, some people might be carrying illegal weapons or drug paraphernalia, but if they’re good enough to walk by you carrying those things, not actively using them, then you need to leave them alone! The damn piggies are going to need to catch them in the act. Cops need to start living by the law and our local and higher government needs to stop controlling us with laws/rules/ and regulation. You would think with a black president things in our country would get better, but it seems as though hate crimes are only getting more media attention. As much as many black people have been fighting to be equal, a lot of white people have been fighting to NOT be called racist. I resent that picture of that young man standing there saying “America is still racist as hell” You know what? NO, America is not racist, but there are PEOPLE IN America who are racist- don’t you dare call me something I’m not without reason. My family didn’t own slaves, the majority of my family came over as Sweeds, Irish, and French, and my g.g.g.g.g.Grandfather Porter Blanchard created the first drum company in the United States that HELPED the north win the civil war. The drums directed the troops, and he was white, so don’t go around saying “All of America is racist” When parts of my family came over before there were slaves, stayed in the North and DIED to free some of you ancestors ASSES! WHICH BTW, less than 15% of “African” Americans in the US have ancestry that actually linked back to that time. MOST of the black Americans we have now a days immigrated over after that was over!

  • Gaia Riot

    I can’t even imagine going through this, whether in his shoes, his families shoes, friends’ shoes, etc. I am utterly appalled and saddened that bullshit like this still occurs. I would kill the son of a bitches who hurt my child like this. Fucking pieces of shit.

  • Joe Redstate

    This story might be fake. On a few sites. Few details. Pictures that look generic. Sketchy. But if it isn’t, then I hope you get justice and change. If you’ve had enough of this, red states will welcome you. From a white tea partier.

    • ziggy123

      Unfortunately its not a fake — I wish it were. Given the history of red states and the remnants of Jim Crow politics throughout the south, your invitation is not only ill informed and naive, but also insulting.

  • Megson

    What the hell is wrong with these cops!!!! Really, they had to forcefully assault these kids? I am sure this has been going on for centuries, but we live in 2014, and it needs to stop. Cops better get with the program and realize that social media is a game changer. This boy’s mother should sue the shit out of the police department and the cop should be arrested for sexual assault!!!

  • jovan1984

    I’ve called for the female rapist with a badge to be ordered to register as a sex offender for life.

  • old news

    this kinda thing ain’t gonna not happen as long as cops exist

  • tikitools1

    Not 1 MSM site is covering this story!

  • pininfarina

    I’ve been following police brutality for about 45 years. This is the time in memory the guilty cop was a woman. Things are getting worse. I think having a black guy in the WH has made these racists not even bother trying to hide their vileness.

  • Jill Friedman

    Stop and frisk is a violation of the 4th Amendment: “The right of the people to be secure in their persons , houses, papers and effects,against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause…” This kind of brutality is horrifying and should not be tolerated. As for the discussion as to the racial issue; this kind of police brutality and abuse does not only happen to black people, but it happens much more to black men and boys. Deranged and sadistic police especially target the young, poor and homeless, because they are relatively powerless.

  • Carroll Baum

    The Cops , some are high or drunk while on duty, They try to lure you into situations behind trees,lots ,etc anywhere out of sight to hurt you ,Especially if they realize they do not have any grounds to take you in. The stop and frisk is wrong it set up for to many bad outcome It unconstitutional too). It like curing the disease by letting the patient die .

  • Die_BankofAmerica_Phukking_Die

    All cops are hungry for the genitals of black children. They live to rape and murder people they consider sub-human. At least until they are getting their pensions. Then they can go to movies and shoot white people randomly, too, for entertainment.

  • 46j45673456

    the cop involved needs to be executed immediately. US is basically a 3rd world country until we start holding criminal cops accountable.