Roxanne’s Revenge: Go NOVA!

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Everyone's favorite piccolo player has moved on, but she's in Houston cheering on the Wildcats.

Philly Daily Spotlight
Center City West
April 4, 2016
By ndeangelo

Some of you may remember the heartbreak all Philadelphia-area loyalists experienced last year, when NC State knocked out the top seeded Villanova Wildcats in the second round. The tables have turned this year and we’re all rooting for the home team as we approach tonight’s NCAA championship game.

For those who don’t follow sports, there was the undeniable appeal of Roxanne. The crying member of the Wildcats band, suffering through songs on her piccolo and quite publicly traveling down memory lane in what would be her final game. If you’re dying to know where Roxanne is today, check out this great article from USA Today (and relive some of best/worst memes here).

Well good news, meme fans. Roxanne is back and was in attendance at the impressive Final Four victory over Oklahoma.

In addition to Roxanne, let’s take a moment to recognize some very notable Villanova alumni:

Brian Westbrook, author of one out of three total “Miracle at the Meadowlands” defeats of the NY Giants

Dr. Jill Biden, educator and Second Lady of the United States

Governor Ed Rendell, former Mayor of Philadelphia and former Governor of Pennsylvania

Howie Long, professional football player and broadcaster extraordinaire

Make sure you tune in to TBS tonight at 9:19PM to cheer on the Wildcats and bring another championship to our city!

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