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Center City
May 13, 2016
By Flood the Drummer




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Monday, May 9th:

10 Donald Trump Monikers Inspired by WWE

10 original monikers, inspired by WWE, voters and pundits alike can use to describe Mr. Donald Trump.

Moving with Fierce Urgency to Safeguard Generations

It is time for us all to move with the fierce urgency of now, aligning power with willingness and putting ourselves in position to change the world.

Philadelphia City Council and the Issue of Stop and Frisk

The Philadelphia City Council, relatively silent on the issue of stop-and-frisk, has a role to play in expanding or mitigating the tactic.

Tuesday, May 10th:

What Stop-and-Frisk Critics Want to Hear from Philly’s Mayor

Maybe the most radical of statements critics desire to hear from Philly’s Mayor is that race plays a leading role in how neighborhoods are policed.


Wednesday, May 11th:

Philadelphia Police Horror Story to be retold this Friday the 13th

Forum on the 31st anniversary of MOVE bombing will relive the horrific day when City officials oversaw the murdering of its citizens by police and others.

Thursday, May 12th:

Why Philadelphia Should Memorialize the 1985 Move Bombing

A memorial examining the history of conflict between Philadelphia police and MOVE would, among many things, help officers reflect on their personal and professional responsibilities.

Friday, May 13th:

Why it Matters That White Men Are Killing Police

The debate on police and community relations is based on mis-perceptions rather than facts.




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