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September 2, 2016
By Flood the Drummer






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Monday, August 29th:

Mayor Says D.A a Distraction, Voters Must Decide His Fate

The voters will decide Mr. Seth William’s fate, said Mayor Kenney, who refuses to be distracted by the D.A.’s drama.

Mayor Committed to Keeping Philadelphia a Sanctuary City

Philadelphia Mayor says he’s simply abiding by the Constitution, which doesn’t allow citizens to be held against their will without a warrant.

Tuesday, August 30th:

In Defense of Tyler Perry and His All White Cast

Mr. Tyler Perry has the right to diversify his media offerings, many content creators have done so before him, and many more will do so after he’s gone.

Wednesday, August 31st:

Could Philadelphia Be the Next Locale To Rid Itself of a Controversial D.A.?

Florida, Cleveland and Illinois have all voted out incumbent prosecutors; will Philadelphia voters follow suit?

Thursday, September 1st:

Colin Kaepernick and the Double Standard for Criticizing America

The pushback against Mr. Kaepernick appears to frame the act of criticizing America as a white privilege.

Friday, September 2nd:

Cam Newton and Being Colorblind Amidst Racism

A post racial society is a grand aspiration for Mr. Cam Newton to have, but the present-day reality is one where racism runs amuck.

Inside, Outside and Near Donald Trump’s Philadelphia Meeting

Mr. Trump held a private meeting with Philadelphia African-Americans absent of policy details while activists protested outside and officials nearby denounced him.



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