OwlSports Update: December 8, 2016

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Temple University Television

OwlSports Update
North Central
January 5, 2017
By Temple TV
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Jared Phillips and Ashley Portillo begin with the announcement of Matt Rhule leaving Temple to go to Baylor. Alexa Ross is live outside Edberg-Olson Hall with reactions from players. Matt Bevenour joins Jared and Ashley at the desk to discuss potential new head coaches for the Owls. Jared recaps the AAC Championship game, and Matt Bevenour breaks down the Owls’ unstoppable defense. Switching over to basketball, Jared and Ashley take a look at Men’s Basketball games against Penn and George Washington. Ali McCann discusses Men’s Basketball’s defensive weaknesses. Later, Duncan Brady sits down with freshman fencing phenomenon Malia Hee. Tracy Yatsko explains her pick for the moment of the week.

North Central

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