CPH Leadership Symposium: Panel Discussion

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Generational Diversity in Health Organizations

Temple University TV
North Central
February 21, 2017
By Temple TV
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The College of Public Health hosts this symposium, which is designed to equip emerging and established public health and healthcare practitioners with leadership tools for navigating generational differences in the workplace. The symposium features a multigenerational panel of professionals, including Dr. Magda Peck and Dr. Gil Hoffer, who explored a variety of perspectives on developing and practicing leadership skills in a multigenerational workplace.

In this panel discussion, panelists who each identify with different generations (Baby Boomers, Millennials, Gen X, etc.) speak about the generational differences that exist in how people view the world and how these differences can bring both tension and opportunity to the workplace. Dr. Magda Peck, Founder of the MP3 Health Group, leads the discussion, and panelists include Bridget Poserina, Project Manager at Merck; JoAnne Fischer, Director of the Maternity Care Coalition; Amey Cusick, HR Director at Johnson & Johnson; Sara DeHoratius, Occupational Therapist at CHOP; and Margie DuBrow, Director of the Nonprofit Executive Leadership Institute.

North Central

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