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ACTv PHL™, Celebrities in the City!
Center City
March 10, 2017
By Flood the Drummer





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Monday, March 6th:

Philadelphia’s Low-Profile Body Camera Hearing

Philadelphia’s body camera hearing should be a big deal, not a subtle mention in the newspaper.

Tuesday, March 7th:

Can Philadelphia Prevent Its Flash Mobs?

Philadelphia can prevent destructive activities like flash mobs, but every sector – police, parents and youth – must own their responsibility.

Wednesday, March 8th:

Why Philadelphia Government Created a Music Industry Taskforce

With little fanfare, Philadelphia City Council approved the formation of a task force to re-establish the City as a leader in the music industry.

Friday, March 10th:

Where Was the Extreme Vetting for Michael Flynn?

Is President Trump vetting those seeking to come to the country in a way greater than those who help run it via his cabinet?





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Center City

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