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March 31, 2017
By Flood the Drummer




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Monday, March 27th:

Missing in Philadelphia: Public Outrage over Indicted DA

Philadelphians shrug-off political corruption as if it’s an act that hurts only the corrupted rather than the system and those governed by it.

Wednesday, March 29th:

Is Reality Setting in For Indicted Philadelphia DA?

It seems that the severity of the indictment – the Unites States of America v. Seth Williams – has begun to hit the Philadelphia District Attorney.

Thursday, March 30th:

Philadelphia NAACP Says Laundromat Robbery Highlights Flawed DA’s Office

Minister Rodney Muhammad, Philadelphia NAACP President, had great faith in the DA’s office, but no longer does he feel that way.

Friday, March 31st:

Deciphering the Silence of Indicted Philadelphia DA

The Philadelphia DA, indicted on corruption, isn’t attempting to influence the court of public opinion, and his reasoning why is likely because he can’t.




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