Papal Visit – Events & Other Info

Info on all other events & activities in Philadelphia during Pope Francis' visit.

In case you you’re totally out of touch and haven’t heard, Pope Francis — The Holy Father, the Bishop of Rome, head of the Catholic Church — yes, THAT Pope Francis has picked Philadelphia to be the only stop on his US tour where he celebrates a public mass.  Basically we can expect your typical party scene down on the parkway, a la Made in America or any other gathering of a million people with plenty of wine.

Starting Friday, September 25, things are likely to get kind of crazy in the City of Brotherly Love. We’ll be roaming the streets keeping you updated on all of the goings on as best we can.

And if you’re going to be braving the streets, head over to to see real-time updates on open businesses, SEPTA stations, restrooms, free water and more.

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Papal Visit – Events & Other Info
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A comprehensive wrap-up from a whirlwind weekend
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